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Grow with Plan'td

Establish a backyard garden | Grow and improve homesteads or any scale farm | Design and plan an edible landscape | Request an educational workshop


Edible Landscape Design

Create beauty with a productive landscape, conserving resources and money

Practically integrate edible plants such as vegetables, shrubs, fruit & nut trees into your yard and surroundings, providing an ornamental component that can also fill up your dinner plate. Imagine picking your snack on the way out the front door each day and returning home to the fresh smell of herbs like lavender and lemongrass. Utilize your space in a way that nourishes the soil and your body.

Garden Establishment

Design, establish and grow a successful garden at a low cost, with confidence

Whether this is your first garden or your last attempt, we can set you up for success by designing and integrating the type of garden that fits your wants, needs, lifestyle and budget. From in-ground rows to vertical container gardens, the opportunities are endless to create a vibrant and aesthetic edible resource. We'll even coach you on what to plant when and how to care for it!


Permaculture Design & Consultation

Develop a self-sustaining ecological landscape with strategic design methods for anything from a small homestead to a large farm

Allow your property to support your needs through Permaculture Design while regenerating the land with invigorating methods and practices, so that it can sustain itself (and you) long term. Add rainwater catchment, backyard chickens, composting systems and food forests to your property; design a farm that will enhance the nutrient load of the soil instead of stripping it; cultivate a neighborhood with community gardens and a shared resource to improve the lives of many. Think that your HOA, apartment complex, or classroom could learn from Permaculture? We'll come teach you all about it, anywhere from an hour to an extended multi-day workshop so that you can empower individuals with the knowledge they need to take action on any scale.

Customized workshops available. 


Permaculture & Homesteading Workshops

Book a workshop for any size group in your home, at your community center, university or request one of our international workshop sites convenient for your location

Learn in a hands-on setting with trained facilitator and instructor, Allie Mason, for how to design and implement a homesteading practice into your daily life or business. Sample workshops:

Seasonal Herbalism: Make your own teas, tinctures, balms and salves

  • Basic healing and beneficial properties of a variety of herbs and spices

  • How to make a balanced tea or tincture blend

  • Tea Brewing: infusions and decoctions

  • Tinctures: blends for digestion, immunity, brain function, stress mitigation, sleep, and pain relief


Introduction to Seed Saving:

  • How to harvest seed from your plants

  • Seed drying and processing methods

  • Preserving your seeds for the next season

  • Tips & tricks for germination

  • Free local seed bank seeds (or bring yours to swap out!)


Biodynamics for Beginners:

  • Incorporating the lunar cycle into cultivating plants

  • Astrological implications and influence on gardening and growing

  • How our body cycles with celestial bodies

  • Biodynamic calendar for sale

Microgreens and sprouting:

  • Various greens and their nutrient values

  • Methods and growing mediums

  • Safety, considerations and upkeep

  • Take home a starter kit!

Build your own terrarium:

  • The magic of succulents, ferns and mosses

  • Cultivating the perfect microclimate

  • Materials and maintenance

  • Build your own terrarium to take home

Customized workshops available. 

See Artisan Cooking Workshop List available HERE.

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