The first step towards creating a design for your property is goal articulation. Together, we'll hash out the details of your vision at our initial meeting to set intentions for the outcomes of the project. We'll schedule an initial site visit and provide a project quote based on the size of the property, your goals, and the services that you want us to provide to make your design a reality. After we draft your project agreement and timeline, and then get your signature of approval, we will move forward to the site analysis process. 


In order to create a well-informed design, we'll start with what exists on site. Site analysis includes an investigation of the larger neighborhood context and location in the local watershed, slopes, soil and underlying geology, sun/wind/water, vegetation, wildlife habitat, circulation and access, buildings and structures, utilities, and legal restrictions. These analyses create the bounds for the design and shape our understanding of how to better work with what exists before altering or adding anything new. We can now see the character of the property and begin to address problem areas and create solutions from an informed perspective.


After we have a clear picture of the existing conditions, we will begin to explore design concepts and draft schematics.  This includes design sketches, case studies or precedents, and key elements that will contribute to the final phase of the design. Most often, we will create two or three design alternatives that align with your goals as well as the site's underlying conditions, and then we will work with you to choose the direction you want to go with your final design. Once you have provided your feedback on all alternatives and chosen a design direction, we will begin creating the final design of your site. 


Your final design will come as a plan set package. In addition to access to all of your site analyses and preliminary concepts, your final design will include an overall final design of the property, design element details, plant palettes, materials lists, cost estimates, and phasing plans when applicable. The plan set will be created using both hand-drawn and digitized elements, and site engineering details can also be included so that your design can move into the next phase of installation when you are ready to bring your design to life. 


If and when you are ready to install your design, we will create a new project plan and agreement in order to contract the best professionals in the area to supply plant materials, soil amendments, rocks and hardscaping materials. For smaller-scale projects, we perform the installation process and hire a team big enough to get the job done well and in a timely manner. For larger projects, we partner with landscape installation companies and local nurseries to install specific design elements in order to meet your budget and ensure that the design is brought to life and thrives well into the future. 


On-site consultations for:

- Drainage issues

- Plant health

- Improving wildlife habitat

- Improving views

- Adding garden beds

- And more...

Seasonal garden design:

- Crop plans

- Garden bed layouts

- Seed saving

- Fruit tree care

- Installation

- And more...

Legal and zoning help:

- Advising on meeting zoning criteria

- Presenting to the City

- Drainage ditch design

- Neighborhood initiatives

- Tree preservation

- And more...