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Collaborate, Cultivate and Connect

business | education | community 

It starts with people. Applying permaculture in an educational, social or a business context creates opportunity for resilient, self-sustaining models that go beyond meeting needs; together we can collaborate and create an abundance that allows for the return of surplus to other communities and future generations. 


Plan'td LLC. is here as a sounding board, an instrument to take your "passion pulse," and a think-tank for your innovative ideas and current business models. From a permaculture perspective, we'll evaluate your products, services, community and people/planet/profit triple bottom line using each of the Permaculture Ethics & Principles.


As a course instructor, 

facilitator, and developer, 

Plan'td not only leads 

independent Permaculture Design Courses and workshops, Plan'td is also a resource for co-facilitation and design of your own courses, curriculum and education models and outlets. Whether you are an independent organization, accredited institution or motivated start-up, we can work with you to establish your idea of a regenerative educational platform. 



We offer ideas and systems for cultivating community, creating structure, and enhancing communications within new and established projects, properties and groups of people around the world. More than just surviving or sustaining, we can connect in order to generate thriving systems and build resiliency within visible and invisible structures.  

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