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Our practice of ecological design honors nature's blueprints for their ecological integrity and cooperative essence. We read the land to lead the design process down the path of least resistance, inputs, and maintenance. In an unprecedented time of the human experience, in the face of climate change, and in such an environment that reflects these factors, we choose to respect the cycles, systems, and peoples who came before us to restore the health and integrity of landscapes small and large through ecological landscape design.

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The City of Charleston is facing unprecedented flooding in streets, homes, yards, and business buildings. Rising sea levels, increased rain fall, and a heightened frequency of hurricanes are causing more challenges and damage to Charleston property than ever before. The good news is that there are solutions to these problems through ecological design. Charleston's Rain Proof Program is a step in this direction.



We design beautiful home landscapes by applying ecological design to work with your water, soil, sunlight, infrastructure, vegetation, wildlife, and larger context of your home's location. Our designs emphasize the use of native plants that are food for pollinators or habitat for birds; edible plants and herbs to support your well-being and enjoyment; rainwater harvesting and storm water management to prevent erosion and keep you dry; and patterns and palettes that play to your personal aesthetic and tastes.

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South Carolina's coast is rich in biodiversity and offers ecological services to its residents such as flood mitigation, pollution filtration, nesting ground, fish nursery habitat, and scenic views from the dock or the kayak. Development pressure can pose a threat to these important ecological functions that vegetated coastlines serve; unless, of course, developers, city planners, and landscape designers begin to work in closer collaboration. That's where we come in.

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Our philosophy builds on the permaculture principle of "small and slow solutions" that build momentum for big and lasting change. All soil inputs and plant care methods that we advise are about building resilience and strengthening the network of life from the ground, up. En-Soil Algae is the only product we recommend, produced locally in Charleston, SC by a passionate and heart-centered team that's making a ripple in the fertilizer industry with a humble green algae and a powerful bio-stimulant. Learn more about the product and the impact of En-Soil beyond its application, HERE.

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