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OUR Phyllosophy...

We believe an education that inspires wonder, awe, and appreciation for the natural world will lead people of all ages and backgrounds towards reciprocity and reverence for our planet and all it/she/he provides for us. This is the core notion for the classes, workshops, and retreats held by Plan'td. From local classes for our young learners to week-long educational retreats abroad, we hope you'll join us in expanding your mind and skill set as we work together towards the more reciprocal relationship with our world that we know is possible. 

Children in the Garden

Phyllosophy Class


Phyllosophy Class (phyll- meaning leaf in Greek), is an outdoor education program with the goal of inspiring meaningful connections between young learners and the natural world. In class, we engage in science, math, engineering, technology, and ecology, and we practice mindfulness, exploratory learning (play), artistic expression, creativity, and a variety of social-emotional skills in a small group setting of such as your homeschooling pod. Through reconnecting with the local ecology around us, we can ignite admiration and respect for non-human beings, both living and non-living, such as understanding the supportive role that plants, water, soil, insects, and animals play in our own well-being.

Phyllsophy Class


Local Workshops

Check in here to see what workshops we are hosting locally in Charleston, SC. Here are a few workshops we have conducted in the past that we'll play on repeat:

  • Introduction to Permaculture

  • Culinary Herbalism 

  • Kitchen Garden Essentials

  • How to build a Hugelkultur Bed

  • Permaculture Technology: Rocket Stoves, Solar Ovens, and Solar Dehydrators

  • Deep Ecology, One-Hour Meditations

  • Backyard Livestock 101

And many more! Email us for private group workshops at

Local Workshops
No upcoming events at the moment
Watercolor Leaves
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Upcoming Retreats


Introduction to Herbalism and the Home Apothecary is a hands-on 5-day workshop retreat where you will learn the foundational concepts of herbalism, plant energetics, culinary herbalism and an introduction to herbalism in the context of biodynamics, Ayurveda, and permaculture. Come to know herbalism through plant walks, botanical drawing, and, of course, medicine crafting. For a closer look at what you’ll learn during this educational retreat, please inquire via email...


Upcoming Retreats

Revival Rituals



Purple Flower with Leaves

Our latest project explores how we can design and cultivate our inner-landscape in order to transform our experience of our outer world. The classes, gatherings, and offerings of Revival Rituals are intended to slow and still ourselves to connect deeply to the Earth, aligning our body's rhythms and our life's patterns with Hers. 

We invite you to explore your inner-landscape in community, or with individual guidance. Opportunities to engage with these practices include:

  • Hatha yoga & yoga nidra

  • Guided nature walks (forest bathing)

  • Lifestyle design


WHEN: Wednesdays 7:30-8:45am

WHERE: Zoom (Register HERE

WHO: All levels of experience

WHY: This mid-week reset class is intended to help you pause, tune in, recalibrate, and reflect.

WHAT: We begin with a 5 minute silent meditation, followed by guided pranayama (breathwork), a posture sequence that focuses on alignment, balance, and strength, then rest. The final 10 minutes of class are reserved for prompted or freestyle journaling in community, and the chat remains open for reflection. Cost is sliding scale $10-$25.

Revival Rituals
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