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homesteading school

“Be sure that in your educating you are not manufacturing obedient citizens, but rather unleashing powerful, creative souls.” ~ Vince Gowmon

is a permaculture-based curriculum in the form of hands-on workshops, which focus on self-sufficiency in the kitchen, home, medicine cabinet, garden and wilderness.   

homesteading school

Microgreens Production

Mushroom Logs

Vermicompost Bins

Compost + EM

Fruit Tree Care 

Biodynamic Plant Care

Plant Propagation Techniques
Plant Guild Design + Installation

Garden Bed Design + Installation

Vertical + Pallet Gardens

Integrated Pest Management 

Homemade Pesticides & Fertilizers

Seed Starting + Greenhouse Management

Seed Saving Methods

Garden Tool Use & Care

Pond Design, Construction & Management

Chicken Care + Coop Construction

Black Soldier Fly Systems

Contour Mapping + Planting on Earthworks

Soil Building + Soil Science

Humanure Compost Systems 101


Wilderness Survival Tactics

Herbal First Aid 

Mushroom Foraging 

Wild Native Plant Identification

Wilderness Shelter Construction

Personalized Nutrition 

Herbal Medicine & Tea Making

Lotions, Balms & Salves

Fermented Foods + Kombucha Strategies

Harvesting, Processing & Storing Grains

Chocolate Making

Farm-to-Table Cooking

Seasonal Meal Planning 

Food Preservation

Dehydrating Herbs + Produce

Natural Dyes & Fibers

Botanical Drawing

Local Clay Pottery

Introduction to Forging & Knife Making

Wood Carving + Tool Making

Rocket Stove Construction

Intro to Natural Building

Building with Cob Basics



& Fungi



& Water



& Foraging



& Ferments



& Construction


Learning happens when we are connected to emotions, there is a sense of wonder and when we are most alert

I can think of no better way to trigger these learning patterns than to be obtaining new information and skills using our hands and feet; compelled by our hearts' passion to regenerate and care for the Earth; while stimulating our auditory, visual and kinesthetic senses in the setting of the great outdoors. 

Humans retain...

10% of what they read

20% of what they hear

30% of what they see

50% of what they see & hear

70% of what they say

90% of what they say & do

In every workshop, you will hear, see, do and then reflect back and say what you did to check understanding and promote learning in a safe, playful and inquisitive environment.

"Allie is a very energetic, upbeat teacher who makes sure to actively involve all students during both lecture style teaching and hands-on field teaching. She is a very knowledgeable educator who will easily go into detail and technicalities when questions are brought up and has no difficulty returning to an asked question after having done extra research if needed. Exciting and enthusiastic, she seems to always manage to transfer these two feelings to her students." ~Anton, Canada, PDC Student 

Working within the realms of permaculture, food security, agriculture, nutrition, community management and education, I have always served in a mentorship role to educate students, clients and colleagues in these fields within their individual contexts. Throughout my past projects and professions, what I've been most passionate and intentional about is designing systems and educating people in a way that they become self-supported and self-sufficient; this allows the people, projects, businesses and systems to become truly regenerative while allowing me the freedom to design and enhance new projects anywhere in the world.


Inspired by my first Permaculture Design Course (PDC) in 2014, I sought out a Permaculture Teacher Training in 2016 while managing the urban farm and student programming for University of South Carolina. From there, I designed curriculum, gardens and programming for a non-profit in Charleston, SC, and then continued on to co-facilitate the PDC and Permaculture Teacher Training for the 2017 International Permaculture Convergence in India, instruct two PDCs in Costa Rica and co-facilitate several classes for a PDC specializing in Herbalism at Punta Mona. During my time at Punta Mona and throughout my participation and instruction in various PDCs, I noticed the deep desire of students to get out and moving to learn and retain material. In response, I created a hands-on two-month Permaculture Apprenticeship Program that I hosted at Punta Mona Center. As I've further refined that program, I feel like I have discovered the highlights of hands-on learning in the permaculture curriculum, plus elements of herbalism, mycology, nutrition and wilderness survival. The result is Homesteading School, a workshop-style learning experience that will provide any learner with the practical skills they need to effectively manage their own homesteading lifestyle, small farm, or positive-impact ecological footprint on the planet.

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